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Five Tips for Gut Health this winter

5 tips to balance your gut health
Scientific evidence suggests that the health of your gut effects other organs and systems in your body, including the endocrine system.  The below tips can help improve your mental clarity, increase focus and boost happiness whilst reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, weight fluctuations, skin disorders, pms and hot flushes….
1. Activate your gut….Start your day with a glass of water with a dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon.

Christmas in July 2019 at Audacious Health

IT"S OUR FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR!!  Why are we shouting - because Christmas in July is back.  We missed Christmas in July last year and frankly Christmas in December just isn't the same.  So what is Christmas in July all about - It's all about us saying "thank you" to you our lovely customers, followers and subscribers.

To express our gratitude for you we have written you a little poem.

I heard that you were hurting; something wasn’t just quite right
It might have been a backache; a heartache or your sight

Sleep – are you setting yourself up for good night’s sleep?

Sleep – are you setting yourself up for good night’s sleep?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have had some difficulty with sleep in the last week.  Sleep is a topic we’ve often mentioned – why – because it is so important.  A lack of sleep negatively affects your wellbeing, and with a less than ideal mental and physical state, it starts to negatively impact other areas in our lives - like forgetting things, doing things slower than normal, etc.  

So, during winter, we suggest that you maintain good digestive health, maintain exercise and keep up good sleep habits so that you wake well rested and energized for the day.

5 Tips for Starting a Winter Day

5 Tips for Starting a Winter Day
Well.  Winter is here and I’ll not go on about the cold.  Needless to say warming, nourishing foods are the go.  Rest is recommended.  Chinese Medicine says wearing a singlet (camisole for the feminine fashionistas) will help to keep your kidneys warm and it’s what my Mum always said so it must be true.
But what about the emotional aspects of Winter?  Shorter days, less warmth and less sunlight can create a challenging situation….

5 Things You Must Know for Winter...

Winter is on its way.  Autumn may have had a bit of a false start but the Winter chill is now upon us…

Here are 5 key tips for Winter
1.    Understand that you may have lower energy.  We just don’t have as much energy in Winter as we do in Summer.  Some clients feel more energized as they don’t have to battle the Summer heat but at the heart of it you have less energy.

2.    Cut out the cold foods.  Chinese Medicine never favours cold foods.

Dream, conceive, believe, receive, achieve

This August, we are reminding ourselves of all that we are grateful for and all the abundance we have.  

With this in mind.....
  • have dreams, know what your burning desires are, 
  • plan (and write the plan down!) and take action
  • believe in your dreams, have faith in them and your abilities and know that there is enough abundance to go around
  • be ready to receive and recognising the opportunities (even those that follow on from sad or tragic circumstances)
  • stay focused, be resilient, stick with it and achieve your goal.


Fearless..  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides interesting insights into emotions.  

A little background..

TCM identifies emotions as very real energies that have a place in the human body and are capable of causing a variety of physical and mental conditions when out of balance.

This might seem quite at odds with the Western science view of emotions but recent studies have shown that the brain doesn't have a monopoly on memory and emotions - other organs do have the capability to "remember" and "feel".

The Challenges of Winter..

Well.  Whilst we don't have a dramatic Winter up here on the lovely Sunshine Coast we are still subject to the seasons.

Chinese medicine long understood that during different seasons our bodies and minds go through different phases.  The Winter phase is associated with water, the Kidneys and the emotion of fear.

Whilst Chinese medicine is an interesting study in this case the practical observations are really obvious.  A percentage of people do feel "down" during Winter as the days are shorter, the weather colder and the sunshine get harder to find.

Winter Warmer Curry

Cauliflower, pea and chicken or tofu curry

This is a basic, yummy (the secret’s in the spices) and warming curry, full of goodness and protein, that can be vegetarian (tofu) or opt for meat (we suggest organic chicken).  Tofu is a source of protein often used as an alternative to meat.  Peas and cauliflower can help strengthen the digestive system. Tofu is generally considered a cooling food used to reduce heat signs, however it is still fine to have in winter and for people with signs of a cold when combined with warming spices, cooked, and eaten only in moderation.

Welcome to Winter

Welcome to Winter!
Welcome to Winter!! Winter, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is ruled by the “water” element (think adaptability and will-power) and relates to the Kidneys.  Building the Kidney energy is best done in the winter. The Kidney harbours our Essence that feeds and renews our life force, relating to reproduction and aging, regulating growth and regeneration as well as the source of warmth and strength throughout the body.  Winter is the time to rest, accumulate reserves, take stock, and reflect upon how our lives match what we envision for ourselves and how we close that gap between what we imagine and what we see.