What is Qi Gong?
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What is Qi Gong?

What is Qi Gong and how can help with stress?

Often find ourselves overworked, stressed and fatigued.  One of our favourite ways to help manage stress and improve our energy is to have a daily practice of Qi Gong.
Qi Gong is a ‘moving mediation’ practice that is over 5000+ years old.  The movements (like Tai Chi) are soft yet powerful, working the breath and working the energy meridian channels.  There is mindfulness in the movements whilst being in a state of relaxation.
Qi Gong is an exercise that can be done by all ages.  It is a wellness practice that releases stress and tension in the body and supporting focus.  And the beauty of Qi Gong is that it doesn’t require a huge commitment of time or money.  A regular commitment of turning up for just half an hour of Qi Gong each day will make a difference.  Qi Gong exercise can be easily incorporate into your lifestyle and increase your overall health and fitness and create harmony in your life.
For many, Qi Gong is a mediation tool used for gaining improved clarity and performance.   Often when we are stress and fatigued we find it hard to slow down the mind and connect to the body with regular mediation.  However, with the moving meditation of Qi Gong, the flowing movements stop you thinking and simply embody the zen movements.  You become grounded. 
Some other ways to stay centred and reduced stress:-
Get good sleep.
 Yes, we’ve discussed this a number of times and it is good for us to be reminded how important it is.  Ensure you create a comfortable sleeping environment and evening wind down routine. Shut off all electronics, draw the block out curtains, moderate the room temperature if you can etc, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day.
Regular exercise has been shown to help with managing stress. Notice how after exercise you mood has improved and things are less likely to stress you. The body releases feel-good hormones like serotonin when you exercise and physical exercise clears your mind and lowers cortisol stress hormones in the body.  Thus, in general you feel good and cope with life’s stressors better.
Be mindful of what you eat.
Ever noticed that after eating certain foods you feel anxious or stressed?  If yes, make a note to avoid eating those foods.  Sounds simply, however, we sometime just ignore what our bodies are telling us or are in denial that some foods work against us.  Avoid foods in the late afternoon and evening that will affect getting a good night’s rest.

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