Top 5 Daily Health Habits for 2019
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Top 5 Daily Health Habits for 2019

We wish you an awesome year in 2019.  Here are our suggested top five daily health habits for 2019.

1. Keep Hydrated
Sounds simple right.

  • Are you drinking enough water each day relative to how much you are losing?  
  • The recommended water intake for an adult is 2 - 3 litres per day.  
  • Start the day with a large glass of water (cooled boiled water is best).  
  • You may choose to add a slice of lemon (or a spoon of apple cider vinegar), 
  • Keep up the water through-out the day - if it helps, put some alarm reminders on your smart phone.  By keeping hydrated, you can avoid dehydration headaches.  Avoid your muscles becoming dehydrated and susceptible to injury by keeping your water intake adequate.

2. Set yourself up for good sleep
We all want to wake fresh each morning and looking forward to the day.  Here are a few suggestions that may help you with achieving a better sleep and feeling better the next day...
Have a 'go to bed' routine
  • set a time
  • have your nighttime shower an hour prior
  • action other 'powering-down' activities eg brushing your teeth and getting dressed for bed
  • shut off any electronics in the bedroom an hour prior to sleep
  • have some relaxing music or sleep tape to listen to

Create a sleep friendly bedroom
  • studies have shown that dark linen is better for a good sleep
  • have sunlight block out curtains drawn when ready for sleep
  • the ideal room temperature is 19 - 22 degrees celsius
  • consider earplugs if necessary to ensure quite
  • choose bedding and pillows that work for you

Be active during the day
  • be active during the day (not close to bedtime)... have you ever noticed how well you sleep on days where you have exercised or been active?
  • Physical activity helps with improving the quality of your sleep and has been found to decrease pain perception for people with RA.
  • A gentle yoga or meditation before bed can be ok if keep light and simply to loosen your muscles and prepare your body for sleep

Avoid stimulants

  • avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks in the afternoon and evening.  Eating late and too much close to bedtime is not a good idea as a full tummy may have you tossing and turning.  Alcohol is a known saboteur of sleep and will disrupt normal sleep cycles.

3. Do a Daily Meditation

  • Meditation has been associated with decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and helping with depression.
  • It has also been shown to support improved quality of sleep and overall wellbeing.
  • Keep an eye out for a special blog post I will be writing about meditation.  
  • Remember, if you find 'traditional meditation' a bit of a struggle, you can also achieve a meditation state, ie, a state of relaxation and calm, doing certain activities - work out what that might be for you eg gardening, surfing, drawing.... Mindful meditation can help to calm the mind, clear clutter in our headspace to focus on the positive things in life.

4. Keep a health and wellness journal
Well, this might be a "start something new" (versus stop doing or continue doing) activity for 2019.

  • Track your what you chose to eat that day
  • Record how you feel
  • Note your stress levels and emotions
  • Record anything you want to track and improve on and relevant to your health etc.
  • Use the journey to help remember and track any health conditions.
  • Refer to your journey as required to share the status and updates of a condition with health practitioners,
  • Work out a recording method or app that suits your needs for this purpose.

5. Do something to contribute to your fitness

  • Do an activity or exercise of some form that contributes to your fitness and health, eg yoga, qi gong, walking, gym, etc.
  • Exercising and keeping fit helps with fatigue.
  • Keeping fit helps with managing stress.
  • Fitness help reduce anxiety.
  • Being fit improves your mood and positivity
  • Improve your energy by keeping fit.
  • If you are getting back into an exercise regime, take it slowly and listen to your body.
  • May we be so cheeky as to suggest having a regular Shiatsu massage or acupuncture can contribute to maintaining your fitness and health!

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