Dream, conceive, believe, receive, achieve
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Dream, conceive, believe, receive, achieve

This August, we are reminding ourselves of all that we are grateful for and all the abundance we have.  

With this in mind.....
  • have dreams, know what your burning desires are, 
  • plan (and write the plan down!) and take action
  • believe in your dreams, have faith in them and your abilities and know that there is enough abundance to go around
  • be ready to receive and recognising the opportunities (even those that follow on from sad or tragic circumstances)
  • stay focused, be resilient, stick with it and achieve your goal.

How are you going with achieving the dreams or resolutions you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?  Yes, can you believe it is August already?!!  If you haven't already, you might like to do the following to help maintain your focus on your goals:-

  • create a vision board with pictures relating to your goals, things you want to change, create or acquire, put the vision board somewhere prominent that you will see each day
  • write down your "Top 5" things you want to achieve in order of importance to you e.g. health, career, education, relationships, finances, adventure......
  • against each of your Top 5, break down your plans of action and sub-steps required, write down the emotion you feel for each goal, the feelings you'll experience upon achieving your goal... Check you are still inspired and motivated to achieve these goals
  • tell others about your goals or go even further to create a support group or other social media activity to help support you with sticking with your goal

Having indulged over the recent holiday break, Catherine has a current goal of losing some weight.  So what is she doing to achieve this? She has:-
  • set a plan - lose 5kgs in 8 weeks, eat three balanced meals a day, only have light snack / water between meals, reduce meal portion sizes (which were becoming too large), take vitamin supplements each day, allow for a treat once a week (not once a day), go for two 20 minutes walk a day, have acupuncture or massage once a week, read a 'personal development' book to stay positive and focused, visualise at the beginning of each day the new slimmer me, maintain a diary during the six weeks tracking progress and feelings, have weekly checkpoints/stocktake, do a fun active leisure activity each week that will 'move that body' (e.g. go for a kayak)
  • put a 'to be' (before weight gain) photo on the fridge
  • told others of her goal (this blog, mentioned to friends)
  • noted how she will feel when she achieves the goal, e.g. "once I have lost 5kgs, I will feel great, more confident in my skin, more energised and I will be ready for the next phase of maintaining my fitness, health and vitality

Your goal may seem small to others but may be big for you.  It is your goal!  Oh, and remember, as much as possible, inject some fun into your goal strategies.

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