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Immunity Boosting

Posted on March 31, 2020 at 8:25 PM
Immunity Boosting...

We've been discussing immunity a lot lately with clients so here are our key tips.  Keep following us as we will be providing ongoing ideas to help in this area.  If you need specific help book in to see us - via the net/phone.

  • Eat pungent foods - Pungent foods such as onions and garlic support the lungs and general immunity.
  • Sleep - Adequate sleep is essential to support maintenance and repair of your immune system. Check out our article (one of our most popular ever) on sleep here. 
  • Exercise - Daily exercise (ideally incorporating some meditative aspect such as yoga or Qi Gong) is a great immune booster
  • Breathing - Breathing through the nose (where this is possible) can greatly enhance your ability to stop bugs before they enter your system.
  • Vitamin D - Vitamin D is renowned for supporting immune function - sensible sunlight exposure is a great way to top up your Vitamin D.
  • Nutrition- Whilst we may be limited in our options eating seasonal foods that are local and spray free is a great way to enhance your immunity.  Look for brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.
  • Thoughts- Research consistently shows what Chinese Medicine always knew - our thinking influences our health - particularly our immune health.  
  • ProBiotics- Probiotic foods are generally great to support immunity - Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha are our favourites.

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