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Welcome to Winter

Posted on May 31, 2015 at 10:26 PM
Welcome to Winter!
Welcome to Winter!! Winter, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is ruled by the “water” element (think adaptability and will-power) and relates to the Kidneys.  Building the Kidney energy is best done in the winter. The Kidney harbours our Essence that feeds and renews our life force, relating to reproduction and aging, regulating growth and regeneration as well as the source of warmth and strength throughout the body.  Winter is the time to rest, accumulate reserves, take stock, and reflect upon how our lives match what we envision for ourselves and how we close that gap between what we imagine and what we see.
During the winter, the energy of the body and the earth naturally goes inward.  By aligning our diets and lifestyle choices with the aspects of winter, we can replenish our energy, improve our health, before moving into Spring and Summer with increased vigor. Winter brings with it a desire to rest, replenish and pay attention to nourishment, reception and introspection.
A few considerations to ensure good health through winter include -

  • Warm, nourishing foods (makes sense!). Consider nourishing yourself with seasonal winter foods such as:

o   hearty soups
o   roasted nuts
o   root vegetables
o   seaweeds, warm miso soup
o   azuki beans and black beans
o   steamed winter greens
o   foods to build and support Kidney-essence including micro-algaes such as chlorella, spirulina (chlorella is also a great heavy metal detoxifier), small amounts of meat, nuts, milk, & ghee, bone marrow soup, nettle tea, royal jelly and bee pollen

  • In general you will want to cook foods longer and at lower temperatures using less water. You want to store warmth internally through your foods and daily life.
  • Get enough sleep: (same as for Autumn)…Sleep is regenerative and keeps the immune system strong.
  • Exercise and Manage Stress: Winter is a time for quiet, meditative or spiritual practices rather than the more yang activities of summer. Practices that support replenishment of the Kidneys include restorative yoga or various qi gong practices. Too much activity, stress or too little sleep during the winter can easily deplete the Kidneys, so be mindful of this in Winter and take it easy. If we can take the time to truly relax and slow down, the winter season can provide a profound opportunity for internal insight and deep introspection.
  • Keep warm:  wear scarves around your neck and extra layers especially around your mid-section to keep warm, strengthen the water energy and maintain body balance.

There are certain symptoms associated with the kidneys becoming weak, including:
  • bladder and kidney infections
  • low back pain
  • knee pain
  • cavities in teeth
  • weak or broken bones
  • infertility
  • premature gray hair or hair loss
  • ringing in the ears
  • increase of phobias or fears.

So take time to breathe, re-organize your thoughts and prepare for the spring; it’s a great time to check in with your practitioner to maximise and harness these seasonal energies toward your well-being.  Audacious Health can help support you during Winter if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or need support to relieve stagnant energy caused by a lack of activity and the cold weather. Please call us today 0412 007 730 for an acupuncture appointment.

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